Ali Hurmat Passed Away

September 25, 2011: (By Sher Shah) Renown social worker of Misgar Gojal Mr. Ali Hurmat passed away on 24th September 2011 evening. (Inna Lilahi wa Ina Ilyhi Rajioon) Ali Hurmat was approximately 80. May his soul reset in eternal peace. (Aameen)

Ali Hurmat was a great social worker and he had played a vital and leading role in the development of Misgar village. He was a multidimensional person. He had many skills e.g. Masonry, Carpentry and Sharma Weaving  etc. Through his skills, Ali Hurmat had contributed a lot in the construction of Jamat Khanas and other community buildings in Misgar Gojal. We present our tribute to him for his contribution to the valley.


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One thought on “Ali Hurmat Passed Away

  1. Liaqat

    i am very glad to visit your site and will hope that these activities lead foundation for young youth to come forward….

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