WCSDOM Held Session with Wazir Beg, Speaker GBLA on Misgar Issues


Mr. Mir Aman Hunzai delivering welcome speech (Spasnama)

The Executive Committee and Members of WCSDOM met Mr. Wazir Beg, Speaker GBLA and Mr. Mutabiat Shah, Member GBLA in a local hotel. The objective of this meeting was to highlight important issues of Misgar community particularly Education, Health, Road and Power etc. Presenting the welcome address “spasnama” Mr. Mir Aman Hunzai, Member, Executive Committ highlighted all of the issues and requested Govt. of GB to address them. Major issues included:-

1. Mettaling of the Road from KKH to Misgar: In response of this Mr. Wazir Beg said that the contract was awarded to non-local person thats why the work has been delayed due to unknown reasons. But contractor will be asked to complete the project on time.

2. Up-gradation of Govt. Middle School Misgar: Talking on it, Mr. Wazir Baig said that the up-gradation of Middle school to High School has already been included in ADP and the process of up-gradation will start in 2013.

3. Four (4) Megawatt Hydel Project at Qalandarchi Misgar: Mr. Wazir Beg said that work on the project has been already started and is also in ADP for 2013. The target time for this project to be completed is June 2014. He said that after completion of this project, the region will come out the load-shedding issue.

Mr. Mutabiat Shah also address the gathering and he appreciated the efforts of the WCSDOM for the uplift of Misgar Village. He said that Misgar community is a most organized community in Gojal valley who have 100% presence in Gilgit district. He assured of his utmost cooperation and support at any level.

At last Prof. Mohammad Zaman, Member Executive Committee presented Vote of Thanks. After it refreshment was served and the meeting concluded.

Following this meeting, WCSDOM held another meeting with its members. Mir. Mohammad Ayaz, General Secretary, gave brief presentation about the aims, objective and structure of the organization to all the audiences. Various questions were raised by the members and they were addressed. All the presented members showed their commitment to work hard for the development of WCSDOM, ultimately for the development of Misgar community.

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2 thoughts on “WCSDOM Held Session with Wazir Beg, Speaker GBLA on Misgar Issues

  1. Suriya Jabeen

    Good work, at least main issues of misgar will be highlighted at the higher level. Appriciated

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