WCSDOM Meeting at Misgar, Yak Farm and Conservation of Natural Resources are Necessary!

Wildlife Conservation and Social Development Organization (WCSDO) Misgar is a registered organization of Misgar Community focused on conservation of natural resources, social and educational development. A very important of the cabinet and prominent personalities from Gilgit visited Misgar on 6th June 2015. Series of meetings held with all community at Misgar and discussed various matters particularly on how to benefit the community from natural resources of Misgar Valley. It is pertinent to note that Misgar valley has very large area which is rich in Wildlife, Forest and Medicinal Plants.  In this meeting following two important decisions were made by the community Misgar.

1. YAK Farm, which was established in 1986, needs to be restructured and run on commercial basis.

2. Conservation of Natural Resources will be established through Community Controlled Hunting Area (CCHA) theme.

3. Positions of the Members and Advisers of the Executive Committee WCSDOM were  filled through voting.

Community has put the responsibility on the shoulders of WCSDOM to work on Yak Farm and Conservation and empower the community through creating opportunities for the community from the natural resources.

WCSDOM Cabinet also visited the Vocational Training Centre established by Youth Development Organization Misgar with the help of Gojal Rural Support Organization (GRSO) and Central Asia Institute (CAI).

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One thought on “WCSDOM Meeting at Misgar, Yak Farm and Conservation of Natural Resources are Necessary!

  1. Mir Aman Hunzai

    First and foremost I would like to congratulate all the cabinet members and the advisory board members for taking this very effective and important step…may Allah Paak bless with all success for the betterment of the community….Aameen. As we all know the struggle to establish WCSDOM was to preserve the natural habitats and natural resources to take optimum benefit by utilizing in such a manner that they wouldn’t be damaged and the community can get advantage in terms of financial gains which can ultimately be used for quality education, health care and other productive activities. But, very unfortunately, due to some misunderstandings and misconceptions this may happen earlier and we wasted a good time……anyways, “DAER AAYAD DURUST AAYAD” if the community is united and at one page….this is also a milestone for success in coming years…..All my good wishes are with the cabinet and whoever contributes improving the quality of life of the people living in the village as well as around the globe..

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