12 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Mir Aman Hunzai

    Dear Sher Shah, again you have achieved another milestone through shifting this to its own website, many many congratulations. You know that during last week a team of WCSDOM consists on Mir Aman Hunzai, Mr. Ikram Muhammad and Mr. Saeed Jan met the Secretary Tourism and Minirals in his office and discussed various issues related to the tourism and natural resources in the Misgar valley. Secretary Tourism and Minirals appreciated the efforts of the young and educated blood and assured his every support and cooperation to flourish and enhance the tourism related activities and mines and minirals in the future so that the local community may get optimum benefit from those hidden natural resources. He stressed up on the community to show their unity and far sightness while dealing with any company in any matter. He also agreed to streamline all illegal work done in the past due to un-known factors and because few years back the community was not aware of the high importance of the natural resources.

  2. sardar karim

    Respactable Dear Sher Shah
    First of all i m going to thank u for ur great job, Many many congratulations.
    This is the only one way ,where we can get to gether and share our good expreainces.We can do some good work for our village,if the educated people like u r intrested. and i think we need to contect by internet thourght out karachi,islamabad, lahore and many more cites where r our people living.
    i realy feel happy to know abour ur the great work,we proud of u all educated,coz every possiblity on ur way,how to achieve it,how to get it.
    I m not so high educated,but ilke keep me on the lataste trek,where is someone new,where is good exp,and bed too..
    so,if i could able to do some thing for my village and u should feel it,then i m always with like u great personalties.
    i promiss i ll keep my personal comments on ur great work.

    best of luck and keep it up

    inshallah soon u can get good respond.

  3. saya

    congrats mr, Shah

    for your great job

  4. Tayib Jan

    Sher Shah
    What took you so long to develop this site, Yar please load some pictures of Qalanderchi fort, morkshi and click valleys yar.
    Waiting for more on the site ” I love Misgar”
    Tayib Jan

    • misgar

      Respected Tayib Jan Sir,
      Thank you so much for your kind visit to the blog and nice comments. Nothing else but the IDEA took the time. The blog is in growing stage yet. I will put lot more very soon.
      Sher Shah

  5. Timur

    YAM Sher,
    I had the opportunity look at the Misgar website.
    Thank you for bringing this beautiful world to the world.

    • misgar

      Dear Timur, Thank you very much for sparing some clicks for our website. I would appreciate if you could have mentioned your introduction.

      Thank you

      Sher Shah


    By the grace of almighty God Allah you have did the good job and we the yar beig brothers appreciat e you for this act and we aspect that you will continue this.
    We want to say that if you prefer to show the real in place of reel data that will be more effective and magnifying.It should be updated on frequent basis and simultaneously for that purpose if you need any support from us we will present there at any time
    24 hours a day
    7 days a week
    4 weeks a month
    12 months a year
    10 years a decade
    10 decades a century
    10 centuries a millenium
    we are a millenium and are a civilization representing
    this generation forever and ever
    with best regards and prayers
    yar beig misgarian brothers
    imam yar beig misgarian

    • misgar

      Thank you Mr. Yar beig for your kind words. I hope we will enhance it in future.

      Sher Shah (Moderator)

  7. misgar

    Dear Mr Yar baig, thank you for your comments. But unfortunately couldn’t understand your comments. Plese refine and send again.

    Sher Shah

  8. myb

    These rational issues of national integration will create hearld in the derivation of the responsibility of a person towards the integraty of a country. Due to which there is a tremendous ethical certainity of cultural possibilty which will passionate the conformaty of clash of dialogue in the understanding of crasis. On this stage our political,economical,cultural and institutional instabilty has no strengh to hold puralaristic diversity of nation bounded. Now it is our duty to show interest in the affair and struggle best to get the rest.

  9. Fazaluddin Baqir

    Dear sher shah .
    A tremendous job or a milestone have crossed you courageous man , I don’t have enough words for you, while your struggle is now endless for youth of our beloved Misgar. I would like to thanks all those who contribute their emance stranth and knowledge along with you.

    Please keep in touch with me if u feel free. Thnax

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