Tajikistan Marco Polo Sheep Project Report

Informative article. Marcopolo sheep present in Kilik Mintaka Vallies of Misgar village located in Upper Hunza Pakistan. In Pakistan this is the only place where Marcopolo sheep’s population present and this is the habitat.

First For Wildlife

Photo courtesy of Bryan Martin

By: Raul Valdez

Few big game animals have had as much fame among the hunting fraternity as has the Marco Polo sheep or argali.  In the history of wild sheep hunting, Marco Polo’s argali is unique for it was considered a mythical creature and one the greatest mysteries in the history of Asian natural history.  Among Asian hunters it is one of the most coveted trophies and among sheep hunters it is the ultimate sheep trophy.   Yet it is only relatively recently that it was known to the hunting world.  It was first brought to the attention of the Europeans by Marco Polo who claimed there was a giant sheep in central Asia whose horns were so long that natives constructed fences with their horns.  The Pamir argali was considered a figment of Marco Polo’s imagination until 600 years later when in 1840, Lt. John…

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WCSDOM Meeting at Misgar, Yak Farm and Conservation of Natural Resources are Necessary!

Wildlife Conservation and Social Development Organization (WCSDO) Misgar is a registered organization of Misgar Community focused on conservation of natural resources, social and educational development. A very important of the cabinet and prominent personalities from Gilgit visited Misgar on 6th June 2015. Series of meetings held with all community at Misgar and discussed various matters particularly on how to benefit the community from natural resources of Misgar Valley. It is pertinent to note that Misgar valley has very large area which is rich in Wildlife, Forest and Medicinal Plants.  In this meeting following two important decisions were made by the community Misgar.

1. YAK Farm, which was established in 1986, needs to be restructured and run on commercial basis.

2. Conservation of Natural Resources will be established through Community Controlled Hunting Area (CCHA) theme.

3. Positions of the Members and Advisers of the Executive Committee WCSDOM were  filled through voting.

Community has put the responsibility on the shoulders of WCSDOM to work on Yak Farm and Conservation and empower the community through creating opportunities for the community from the natural resources.

WCSDOM Cabinet also visited the Vocational Training Centre established by Youth Development Organization Misgar with the help of Gojal Rural Support Organization (GRSO) and Central Asia Institute (CAI).

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SAM_4270 SAM_4279 SAM_4281 SAM_4282 SAM_4287 SAM_4307 SAM_4318 SAM_4323 SAM_4327 SAM_4334 SAM_4369 SAM_4370 SAM_4374

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Visit Plan of 20th Dec 2014 to Misgar Delayed

WCSDOM Cabinet members and Gilgit based people of Misgar had planned a visit on 20th December 2014. This visit has been now delayed due to some unavoidable reasons. Inshallah, the visit will be rescheduled very soon, may be on the occasion of Navroze 21st March 2015.

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WCSDOM New Cabinet elected in AGM

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Annual General Body meeting of Wildlife Conservation and Social Development Organization Misgar (WCSDOM) held on 1st May 2014 here in a local hotel in Gilgit. The purpose of the AGM was to review progress of the organization’s last tenure and also to elect new cabinet members.

The event began with the recitation from Holly Quran and welcome speech by the Vice Chairman Mr. Mohammad Zaman. Fateh was also offered for the departed souls of Advisory members Mr. Sharifullah Khan (Late) and Mr. Hikayat Shah (Late).

Mr. Lal Khan was presiding the meeting. Almost 50 Gilgit-based members were present on the occasion. Presentation on the organizational objectives, structure and progress was delivered by Mr. Mohammad Ayaz, General Secretary.

Members showed their concern that not enough efforts have been made by the organization for the betterment of Misgar valley. On the other hand they also hoped that in the coming years WCSDOM’s management will utilize their knowledge and skills for the development of Misgar valley, particularly the areas of Natural Resources, Pamir Cattle Breeding Farm, Community Controlled Hunting Program, Educational Development areas.

According to Bylaws of WCSDOM, the following new cabinet was elected through election (Ballot Paper) system by the general body members.
1. Mr. Mohammad Ayaz Khan, Chairman
2. Sr. Vice Chairman (to be selected in Misgar)
3. Mr. Sher Shah, General Secretary
4. Mr. Ahmad Khan, Secretary Finance and Revenue
5. Mr. Jahangir Khan, Secretary Coordination and Public Relation
6. Mr. Basharat Zaman Gohar, Secretary Information & Communication
7. Mr. Imtiaz Ali Shahid, Office Secretary

All the newly elected cabinet members thanked the members for choosing them. They hoped to best utilize their knowledge, skills sincerely for the development of the community.

Vote of Thanks delivered by Ex- Chairman Mr. Sahib Nazar. The event was concluded with Lunch and Dua-e-Khair.

Consolidated by: Sher Shah, General Secretary, WCSDOM

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WCSDOM Election to be held on 1st May 2014

Circular for Online Sharing

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Joint Meeting with SLF, WCS and PWD

Speakers address the Joint Meeting session

Speakers address the Joint Meeting session

Gilgit March 10, 2013 – Joint meeting WCSDOM with Snow Leopard Foundation (SLF), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Parks and Wildlife Department held today in a local hotel.

Purpose of the meeting was to discuss joint agreement for Execution of Livestock Insurance Scheme in Misgar Valley. The focus of scheme was to execute a scheme for livestock  insurance which is hurt by Snow-leopards in the valley. The local community misgar has concern over the loss of their livestock by snow-leopard. Keeping in view the concern of the community a livestock insurance scheme from Snow Leopard Foundation (SLF) was proposed to compensate local community for their livestock losses.




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WCSDOM Logo Introduced

Here is the proposed Logo for WCSDOM designed by Sher Shah. Please post your suggestions or comments.



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WCSDOM Held Session with Wazir Beg, Speaker GBLA on Misgar Issues


Mr. Mir Aman Hunzai delivering welcome speech (Spasnama)

The Executive Committee and Members of WCSDOM met Mr. Wazir Beg, Speaker GBLA and Mr. Mutabiat Shah, Member GBLA in a local hotel. The objective of this meeting was to highlight important issues of Misgar community particularly Education, Health, Road and Power etc. Presenting the welcome address “spasnama” Mr. Mir Aman Hunzai, Member, Executive Committ highlighted all of the issues and requested Govt. of GB to address them. Major issues included:-

1. Mettaling of the Road from KKH to Misgar: In response of this Mr. Wazir Beg said that the contract was awarded to non-local person thats why the work has been delayed due to unknown reasons. But contractor will be asked to complete the project on time.

2. Up-gradation of Govt. Middle School Misgar: Talking on it, Mr. Wazir Baig said that the up-gradation of Middle school to High School has already been included in ADP and the process of up-gradation will start in 2013.

3. Four (4) Megawatt Hydel Project at Qalandarchi Misgar: Mr. Wazir Beg said that work on the project has been already started and is also in ADP for 2013. The target time for this project to be completed is June 2014. He said that after completion of this project, the region will come out the load-shedding issue.

Mr. Mutabiat Shah also address the gathering and he appreciated the efforts of the WCSDOM for the uplift of Misgar Village. He said that Misgar community is a most organized community in Gojal valley who have 100% presence in Gilgit district. He assured of his utmost cooperation and support at any level.

At last Prof. Mohammad Zaman, Member Executive Committee presented Vote of Thanks. After it refreshment was served and the meeting concluded.

Following this meeting, WCSDOM held another meeting with its members. Mir. Mohammad Ayaz, General Secretary, gave brief presentation about the aims, objective and structure of the organization to all the audiences. Various questions were raised by the members and they were addressed. All the presented members showed their commitment to work hard for the development of WCSDOM, ultimately for the development of Misgar community.

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Diana Baig becomes part of Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team


Diana Baig

Diana Baig daughter of Safiullah Baig hailing from Misgar Gojal Hunza became team member of Pakistan Women Cricket Team. It is a great honor for the region particularly for the community of Misgar Gojal. We on behalf of WCSDOM congratulate Diana Baig for this great achievement. We also salute parents of Diana Baig for encouraging her in the field of sports which is a rare case in the context of the region.


Diana Baig, Standing row, fourth from left, with Pakistan Women Cricket Team



Diana Baig, an energetic player of Pakistan Women Cricket Team

Full Name: Diana Baig

Belongs: Misgar Gojal Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Born: October 15, 1995, Zulfiqarabad Gilgit – Baltistan

Major teams Lasers Women

Batting style Right-hand bat

Bowling style Right-arm medium


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